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Serenade Your Love

Let us help you make this a special and memorable Valentine\\\'s with our popular Valentines Day promotion!\\r\\n

\\r\\nWith the most romantic lake view in KL, scrumptious 5-Course Meal and live musicians serenading you and your partner, there is no other place to be on Valentine\\\'s Day!\\r\\n


\\r\\nPlease join us for Valentine dinner on 14th of February, and we\\\'ll help you celebrate with a 5-course candle lit dinner and romantic live music. If you send you and your partner picture to us we can print it and put it on your table. Also ladies will have 1 beautiful rose! Our Guitarist will come to your table and serenade your love exclusively for you and your partner. The price of the program is very reasonable. Just RM 150 Nett per couple!\\r\\n

\\r\\nIt\\\'s our way of wishing you \\\"Happy Valentine\\\'s\\\"--with many more to come!\\r\\n\\r\\nAs this program is just for booked customers, kindly book a table online via our website.\\r\\n\\r\\nStrictly by reservation only. \\r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\n

Valentine\\\'s Day Menu:


\\r\\nWelcome Drink:\\r\\nSparkling Fruit Juice\\r\\n


\\r\\nStarter:\\r\\nMushroom Creamy Soup\\r\\nor \\r\\nSpicy Tomato Soup\\r\\n


\\r\\nBread:\\r\\nMixed fresh baked Naan\\r\\n


\\r\\nRice:\\r\\nVegetable Biryani\\r\\nor\\r\\nKashmiri Pulao\\r\\n


\\r\\nMain Course:\\r\\nButter Chicken \\r\\nor\\r\\nMutton Pasanda \\r\\nor\\r\\nSultani Prawn Masala \\r\\nor\\r\\nMalay Kofta \\r\\nor\\r\\nVegetable Kashmiri\\r\\n


\\r\\nDessert:\\r\\nIce cream\\r\\nor\\r\\nFruit Platter\\r\\n

\\r\\nDrinks:\\r\\nMango or sweet Lassi\\r\\nCoffee or tea



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Expiring Date:

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A La Carte Lunch

Best romantic restaurant
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Kashk-e Bademjan

Main ingredients are Kashk, aubergine, mint and garlic, fried onions and some chopped walnut. We are serving this food with our hot fresh bread that our chef baked in Tandoor.


Vegetarian Beryani

High grade basmati rice cooked with assorted vegetables and spices



a Middle Eastern and Arabic food dip or spread made from cooked, mashed chickpeas blended with tahini and olive oil


Mattar Paneer

Fresh peas cooked in mild spices with cottage cheese.

Kindly take a look at all of our menu items


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line2-persian food quick menu Persian food
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Koobide Kebab

Koobide Kebab is an Iranian minced meat kabab which is made from ground lamb, beef marinated with Kiwi, often mixed with parsley and chopped onions. Served with rice and barbequed tomato.

Gheyme Stew

a Persian stew of which the main ingredients are cubed lamb, tomatoes, yellow split peas, onions, tomato paste and dried lime. Garnished with thin potato fries and served with rice.


Chicken Kebab

Pieces of chicken first marinated in minced onion and lemon juice with saffron then grilled over a fire. It is served with grilled tomato and pepper.


Zereshk rice with chicken

High Grade rice cooked with saffron and Zereshk. (Zereshk is the Persian name for the dried fruit of Berberis vulgaris). It is served with Fried chicken.

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line3-left quick menu mughali food
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Chicken Tandoori

Tender chicken marinated in yogurt and spices grilled in our Tandoor

Beef Khara Masala

Beef cooked with the chopped garlic, onions and ginger with a touch of clove oil and spices from the sub-continent


Sultani Prawn Massala

Prawn coked with pomegranate chutney, chrome seeds and methi (Fenugreek) Leaves


Seekh Kebab Massala

Minced lamb/chicken and onion with special traditional spices, grilled in Tandoor

Kindly take a look at all of our menu items


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The Sultani, Level 5, Hotel Flamingo Tasik Ampang,Jalan Hulu Kelang, Ampang, Selangor, Malaysia Tel: 03 - 42517360 Hand Phone: 012-2959060 | 014-6215334 Email:


Every day 11am - 11:30pm





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